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High strength gray iron castings automotive engine blocks and Application Development

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Low-alloyed, multiple composite inoculant containing antimony, scanning electron microscopy, 200h bench, and 1000h endurance test methods for new thin-walled cylinder diesel engine castings were developed and applied testing. The results showed: control carbon equivalent of 3.9% 4.1% (with Fiat cylinder roughly the same carbon equivalent), low alloyed and antimony-containing compound inoculant, casting can be stably obtain high strength, tensile strength σb270MPa, hardness HB210, chilling tendency of small, hardness difference is less than 35HB, its performance met the Fiat cylinder performance requirements. For non-Liner cylinder cylinder wall surface laser treatment than conventional cylinder liner wear more than double. As a result of linerless cylinder block production technology, it simplifies the structure of the diesel engine, reduces the production cost of diesel, improves diesel engine performance and technical content.

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