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Q475 engine block Strength Analysis and Design

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As the car continues to improve the speed and weight requirements of engine power, size and weight requirements are also rising. At present, the engine design commonly used analog design and test design methods, resulting in the product on the one hand the prevalence of strength, stiffness surplus problem, on the other hand, abound strength, the problem of insufficient rigidity, thus limiting the level of product technology and quality increase, it is difficult to adapt to today's market needs. This paper attempts to Q475 engine design and development, the application of finite element analysis techniques to analyze the structural strength of its important properties of the cylinder assembly, stiffness. Throughout the study, the authors use the first cylinder geometry preliminary design, the use of digital prototyping experience some of the original data, the more successful a finite element analysis model, using finite element analysis of modern analytical techniques designed cylinder static strength, and compared with similar proven assembly; at the same time, taking into account the performance of the engine block is a structure assembly, its role in the actual work is subject to various conditions, and therefore finite element dynamic analysis , modal analysis and transient response analysis, complete in a computer simulation of the designed structural rigidity of the cylinder under static, various loads and impact conditions, the intensity of the situation, and calculated in various states result. After the analysis is complete, the use of rapid prototyping technology into a prototype made bench, bench combined assessment, confirmed the feasibility and reliability of the engine block structure. Using this method, as well as study the success of this project, effectively shorten the design cycle, reducing the trial judge's error and experience, the first time the virtual prototype design theory and methods applied to specific engineering product design and development in. Through this research work, a satisfactory solution to the Q475 key assembly design issues in the development of the design, so that the quality of the entire subsequent development of the engine, the progress is assured. And for enterprises accumulated valuable experience in the implementation of the technical data and modern design techniques, it confirmed the feasibility of in engine design and development of virtual prototyping technology for the promotion of finite element analysis technology enterprise applications and future product development work has important demonstration significance.

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