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Strength Analysis of transient engine block

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For the engine block structure is complex, the work process by a variety of alternating excitation force characteristics, establishment of a more detailed analysis of the strength of the cylinder transient finite element model to simulate the dynamic intensity in the cylinder during engine operation course. Results: the higher the overall stress level fastening bolt holes of the cylinder and the cylinder head and connected to the transmission around, but volatility increases with engine load change is small; the higher the cylinder surrounding the main bearing dynamic stress and deformation component, and the amount fluctuates with changes in engine load is large; the dynamic deformation and stress of the side walls of the cylinder and the static deformation and stress levels low. Studies have shown that: Consider contacting the piston and the crankshaft to the cylinder at the time of modeling, simplifying the cylinder structure is reasonable, accurate and thorough work process in the cylinder to reveal the dynamic strength over time, provide a reliable basis for dynamic structural strength of the cylinder design .

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